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Lunar Coffee Lab Mexico Honey Process Medium Dark Roast Coffee - Rainforest Alliance Certified - Whole Bean (Mexico)


  • We source from socially and environmentally conscious farmers around the world looking to push the boundaries of coffee's near infinite flavor potential while also ensuring fair prices for farmers and sustainable growing processes for the environment
  • As roasters our aim is always to bring out the unique flavor each bean's origin presents. In general this means most beans are roasted to some degree of medium roast which we found brings out the bright and sweet notes of craft coffee while roasting just dark enough to get some of the characteristic chocolate, malty flavors and body coffee is well known for
  • Our single origin espressos are roasted to medium dark which makes for some great crema topped espresso shots!
  • Our decafs use natural, never chemical, decaffeination processes and our signature Peru uses the top grade mountain water process which uses fresh, mountain spring water high in minerals to decaf the coffee while keeping the delicate, bright notes in the coffee. An exceptional decaf experience if you ask us!
  • Lunar Coffee Lab is a majority women owned craft coffee roastery based in the historic district of Dexter, Michigan outside of Ann Arbor