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Brando Moon

Lunar Coffee Lab Heirloom Organic Ethiopia Coffee - Medium Light Roast - Cup of Excellence Finalist (Ethiopia)


  • We are a mom-and-son duo roasting premium coffee beans sourced from socially and environmentally conscious farmers all over the world, from Mexico to Ethiopia. Roasted and brewed to highlight the unique taste of each bean, we believe the flavor potential of coffee is endless. We treat every variable as a chance to play with the coffee drinking experience. Welcome to our coffee lab!
  • All our coffees are roasted in the craft coffee style meaning small batch and frequent roasting to ensure the freshest coffee possible and each bean being roasted to bring out the unique flavor of its soil. We rarely roast dark and when we do are very careful not to roast out the unique taste of the bean's origin.
  • Our coffee beans can be used for any type of coffee drink be it pour overs (our favorite), drip coffee, espresso, or cold brew. Heck french press it and make a punchy espresso martini. But remember each bean will taste different so try them all!
  • Coffee for a better world. All our coffee farmers are environmentally and socially conscious. Our farmers regenerate the soils, rebuild rainforests, work in small farm coops, follow organic and fair trade practices, some even use drought resistant beans to regreen the desert!
  • We are majority Native woman of color owned and are a small, family run business roasting small batch out of historic Dexter, MI a rural town known for its farming and craft community