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Lunar Coffee Lab

Half Caff Organic Medium Roast Coffee - Half Decaf Mountain Water Process, Half Heirloom Organic Ethiopia


After many customers have told us they buy our decaf to blend with other beans to make a half caffeine coffee, we've decided to make the task just a little easier with our own line of organic half-caff blends. This medium roast blend brings together our heirloom organic Ethiopia with our regenerative organic mountain water processed decaf bean from Guatemala. 

Both beans being organic and the decaf processed using the natural method of mountain water processing means no chemicals were used in any part of the growing and processing process. Plus combining an heirloom bean with a regeneratively grown bean means the nutrition content and flavor compounds in the bean are about as high as you can get and magnitudes higher than conventionally grown coffee. The result is a uniquely aromatic, bright, and nutritious bean especially for a half-caff.

Lower your caffeine level while preserving flavor and health benefits with this delightful medium roast half-caff coffee!