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Brando Moon

Brando Moon Pink Marble Lock Bag - Smell Proof Active Carbon - Air Tight Sealed Zippers

$15.99 $24.99

🌙 SMELL PROOF: active carbon interior with sealed zippers not only prevent smell leakage it actually removes odor!

🌙 LOCKED ZIPPERS: built in lock can even lock the zippers in place to make breaking in that much harder

🌙 COMPACT: can fit all our small size products and other popular products like the Nintendo Switch!

🌙 MODERN: pink marble exterior matches our other products and won't feel out of place amongst your other bags and accessories

🌙 PURSE REPLACEMENT: one big pocket with two side pockets to fit your phone and wallet can act as a lockable clutch or small purse

Customers loved the active carbon smell proof fabric of our crescent moon bag but wanted even more protection for putting sensitive items in their bag so we took the fabric and sealed zippers from our last bag and added a new locking mechanism. Now you can lock your goodies safely when on the go or for deep storage. Though in our opinion the pink marble exterior deserves to be seen and can even act as a clutch with two interior side pockets. Enjoy